Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Good Shepherd Center Interview: Michele Alexandra Kay

Good Shepherd Center Interview: Michele Alexandra Kay

Renowned British retail and exhibition designer and owner of M.A.K Design, Michele Alexandra Kay began her career in London. She honed her unique vision and cutting-edge talents working with highly-acclaimed Design Centre in Piccadilly Circus as well as with Ilan Pivko, the prestigious and often controversial Israeli architect. Michele brought M.A.K. Design to Los Angeles where she shares her talents, creativity and flair with high-profile and celebrity clientele and companies. From classic drapery, to modern event decor, storefront window displays to private interior home decor, M.A.K. Design is truly inspired by the energy, vitality and pure creativity that is Michele Alexandra Kay.

The lovely Michele took the time to answer a few questions about being a part of the Good Shepherd Center Design Project.

TP: How did you hear about the GS Design Project?
MK: Through DNG

TP: Why did you choose to design a room?
MK: I loved the idea to do such a creative project that will make a positive impact a help some less fortunate women and give them a wonderful and hopefully healing place to stay.

TP: What do you think the biggest challenge of the project will be?
MK: I think donations will be the hardest.

TP: Do you have an inspirational photo for this project?
MK: I actually got inspired when I saw one on the Madison and Grow wallpapers which I’m basing my design around.

TP: What are you most looking forward to with the project?
MK: Having the vision and seeing it manifest and knowing that whoever will be in that room will love it!

TP: All the rooms at Good Shepherd are dorm size, what advice or tip do you have for someone decorating a space this small? 
MK: Keep it simple and clean.

TP: What are some of the challenges in doing a project like this?
MK: I think getting all the elements and design you want and relying on donations.

TP: What have you learned, not only about design but about yourself from doing a project like this?
MK: Anything and everything is possible!


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