Friday, April 1, 2011

Ames Ingham Good Shepherd Interview

We are so excited about the designers who have chosen to be a part of the Good Shepherd Center Charity Design Project. Our enthusiasm has led us to start a new series on the blog called “Good Shepherd Center Interview of the Week”. Each week we will spotlight one of our fabulous designers so that you all learn a little bit more about them and their reasons for joining the project.

Good Shepherd Center Interview of the Week: AMES INGHAM

Ames Ingham’s passion for interiors started at an early age during elementary school. Born and raised in New York City, Ames spent many afternoons wandering the halls of PB84, an auction house in New York City, where her mother worked. After graduating from Claremont College she moved to Los Angeles where her love for interiors continued with set design. The theater world then progressed into real houses with residential design, working for Suzanne Rheinstein & Associates and then Joe Nye, Inc.

In 2006 Ingham opened her namesake shop, that carries vintage and modern furniture, with bold graphics and colors. Ingham’s love for interiors also blossomed into a lighting line. All of her products are handmade in Los Angeles and are available through Scalamandre.

We were very happy when we got a chance to ask Ames a few questions about why she chose to join the project and what she is most looking forward to.

TP: How did you hear about the GSC Design Project?

AI: I received an email from Vanessa Kogevinas and Vanessa De La Vargas asking designers if they wanted to participate and having worked with Vanessa K on a Veranda magazine showcase house I was excited to work with her again.

TP: Why did you choose to design a room?

AI: I see so much waste in the interior design business. Clients are ready to redo a room and get rid of things that they are tired of, but the pieces are in perfectly good condition therefore I had also wanted to organize a program that got the pieces to people in need directly and not going through something like Good Will. Which is an excellent organization but there are those who can't even afford Good Will so this opportunity was right up my alley.

TP: What do you think the biggest challenge of the project will be? (i.e., Time, Donations, Room Size, etc)

AI: I think the biggest challenge is going to be using the things donated and left over from previous projects and resisting the urge to run out and just buy the things that are in my mind that fit my ultimate scheme, since I think the great thing about this project is the chance to recycle and reuse to lessen waste and landfill space!

TP: Do you have an inspirational photo for this project?

AI: Yes, I was flipping through my new The Rug Company Catalogue, which is actually a huge book filled with great images and came across a green room with yellow and blue accents. It was fun eclectic and comfortable while being chic and contemporary. I thought the feeling and color scheme seemed to be warm, uplifting and stimulating without being over bearing or possibly offensive to some.

TP: What are you most looking forward to with the project?

AI: I hope to meet some of the women who will be staying at the shelter and maybe see their reactions to the rooms we design.

TP: All the rooms at Good Shepherd are dorm size, what advice or tip do you have for someone decorating a space this small?

AI: The furniture should be small scale and not too many pieces, keep the curtains as high up to the ceiling as possible, add contrast to make it exciting.

TP: Do you have a partner for this project, if so, who is it?

AI: Yes, Olivia Williams

TP: What made you decide to partner up for this project?

AI: We have been wanting to work together for awhile so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity.

TP: How will you split the design responsibilities of the project?

AI: I think we will share all aspects equally together, collaborating on the design and then through email figure out what we can get donated from each of our resources into physically installing the room together.

TP: Do you think it will be harder or easier having a partner for this project?

AI: I work alone mostly so I think it will be more fun and therefore easier to work with someone else especially since there is not a client involved it is nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of.

Thank you, Ames, for the wonderful interview!


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